BSB SEALOGY® Replenish Serum

BSB SEALOGY® Replenish Serum

SKU: 806746000423

With Soluble Collagen & Encapsulated Vitamins A & E


Lightweight and biomimetic, my serum hydrates and replenishes skin with wealthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Plumps and lifts skin thanks to a mega dose of collagen and nourishing amino acids. Can be used alone or under your favorite products.


Product Includes:

A biomimetic and lightweight serum that beautifully hydrates and lifts skin. 


Key Benefits:

A luscious serum that hydrates, plumps and lifts skin. Replenishes the skin with collagen, vitamins and minerals. 


Skin Solutions:

Dry or dull skin. 


Key Ingredients:

Collagen. Encapsulated Vitamins A & E


  • Directions + Ingredients

    Directions: Apply daily before your normal skincare or makeup routine.





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