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On HOT setting the benefits include:

1. Warming up the surface of the skin, thereby making it more receptive to treatment (mask, serums, etc.)

2. Enhancing circulation

3. Increasing perspiration, helping to remove toxins from the skin

4. Softening debris inside the pores for easier removal

5. Increasing relaxation


On COLD setting will enhance:

1.  Calming and cooling of the skin,

2. Reducing pore size,

3. Increasing the skin's elasticity,

4. Collagen production,

5. Tightening of skin tissue.



Increases collagen synthesis and cellular Proliferation

·          Smoothes wrinkles and lightens pigment and age spots

·          Stimulates blood circulation and metabolism of the skin

·          Benefits the activation of collagen

·          Keeps skin moist and warm

Light Functions:

Blue light: Cleans skin pores and improves, lessens blemishes and acne.

Red light: Improves blood circulation, increases product activation, improves metabolism, and increases absorption.

Red Light Therapy – Rejuvenating – combined with HOT setting

Red light is good for all skin types. It rejuvenates the skin by improving blood flow and increasing collagen production. It doesn’t just leave the skin looking younger, but makes it feel younger deep down.

Blue & Violet Light Therapy – Relaxing & Purifying – combined with COLD setting

The blue and violet wavelengths have powerful anti-bacterial properties that cleanse and purify the skin. They kill the acne-causing bacteria P. acne, and have anti-spasmodic properties that relieve tension.

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