Increases collagen synthesis and cellular Proliferation

·          Smoothes wrinkles and lightens pigment and age spots

·          Stimulates blood circulation and metabolism of the skin

·          Benefits the activation of collagen

·          Keeps skin moist and warm

Light Functions:

Blue light: Cleans skin pores and improves, lessens blemishes and acne.

Red light: Improves blood circulation, increases product activation, improves metabolism, and increases absorption.


Ultrasound machine emits high-frequency waves and benefits a variety of skin types.

The Ultrasonic Facial treatment is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is safe and suitable for all skin types, from acne to rosacea and mature skin.

Increased blood flow stimulates collagen, the body's primary structural protein, providing strength and resilience to dermal tissue. This advanced anti-aging procedure gives your skin a much healthier, more youthful look and feel.

Ultrasound waves penetrate the skin to:

·          hydrate,

·          promote collagen production,

·          kill bacteria,

·          increased oxygen and blood circulation

Ultrasound is an effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, age spots and mature skin.

Direction for use:

Use for 10-15 minutes with a product appropriate for your skin type.

Suggested frequency of usage: Twice a day.


Yellow Light Therapy – Toning

Yellow light stimulates the nervous and lymphatic systems, toning and strengthening the muscles under the epidermis, bringing tightness back to skin, aiding the anti-aging process.

Orange Light Therapy – Vitalizing

Orange light returns a vitality to skin that has lost its sheen. Especially recommended for wedding days and portraits, orange light works on dull complexions to bring out a brilliant healthy glow.

Red Light Therapy – Rejuvenating

Red light is good for all skin types. It rejuvenates the skin by improving blood flow and increasing collagen production. It doesn’t just leave the skin looking younger, but makes it feel younger deep down.

Aqua Light Therapy – Activating

Aqua light activates the skin. Excellent for mature skin, aqua helps to restore elasticity and suppleness to the skin.

Green Light Therapy – Calming

Green light is found at the center of the visible spectrum, bringing balance and calm to the skin and reducing redness. The calming effect also has anti-inflammatory properties and can even help reduce hyper-pigmentation.

Blue & Violet Light Therapy – Relaxing & Purifying

The blue and violet wavelengths have powerful anti-bacterial properties that cleanse and purify the skin. They kill the acne-causing bacteria P. acne, and have anti-spasmodic properties that relieve tension.